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Movie Review: The Man With The Golden Gun

When you have done many movies with the same hero there comes a time when the audience asks “when is the hero going to meet it’s match, it’s equal, someone who can match him or her.” Well this may be one of the closet answers to said question in the next Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun.” It is not the best Bond film, however the villain has gone down in history as one of the best.

Roger Moor returns as 007 who has been taken off his current assignment of locating a man that may solve the energy crises because of a threat to his life by famed assassin Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) aka The Man with the Golden Gun, a famed killer who uses golden bullets and charges $1 million per bullet. Not one to back down Bond goes to find Scaramanga, and he gets help from M (Bernard Lee) Q (Desmond Llewelyn) Bond’s assistant Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) and Hong Kong Lieutenant Hip (Soon-Tek Oh) when it turns out Bond’s missions are more closely related than originally thought. Scaramanga also has some help in the form of his henchman Nick-Nack (Herve Villechaize) and his lover Andrea Anders (Maud Adams.) About as far as I can go without spoiling.

Now my views on Goodnight will be later, and boy there is a lot I have to say about her, so I’m going to move on to the rest of the characters. Scaramanga has been named as one of the best villains in a Bond film, well with Christopher Lee is it a surprise? Nick-Nack was a pleasant surprise in the film, I actually enjoyed him a lot. The other characters were also interesting. One of my favorite scenes is the boat and car chases in Bangkok it was such a joy to watch. However as I’ve said this is not the best Bond film, the writing is not up to par with other films and some of the humor doesn’t hit. Would I recommend this film though? if you like a good villain then yes.

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Classic Movie Review: Hello Dolly!

Gotta say classic with this film. One of the best musicals I’ve seen, and with plenty of drama behind the scenes as well. Spoilers ahead.

If you look up meddling in the dictionary you may see a picture of Dolly Levi (Barbara Streisand.) She makes a living on being a matchmaker, among other side jobs and plans on finding a match for half millionaire Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau), although it is clear she wants to marry Horace but she needs a sign from her deceased husband Ephram before she can do anything else. She travels to Yonkers to make this happen. Meanwhile Horace refuses the hand of his niece Ermengarde(Joyce Ames) to an artist named Ambrose (Tommy Tune) because he doesn’t make a living as an artist. Horace plans to propose to Irene Molloy (Marianne McAndrew) and leaves his two underappreciated clerks Cornelius Hackl (Michael Crawford) and Barnaby Tucker (Danny Locklin) in charge of his store. Deciding to live, Cornelius and Barnaby close the shop and take a train into the city while Ambrose and Ermengarde decide to go to the city and enter a dance contest to get money, and yes Dolly suggested it to all four of them. Cornelius and Barnaby are told to call on Irene and her assistant Minnie (E.J. Peaker) Both are unaware of Horace’s plans until it is too late, but it is a big adventure for all involved.

As I said before there was a lot of drama on the set as Streisand and Matthau did not get along, in fact the only time they talked were their scenes in the film. During the final wedding scene it does look like they are kissing, but that was a camera trick, Matthau refused to kiss Streisand. Matthau also did not get along with Crawford after he won big on a horse named Hello Dolly, yep that’s right. With the drama aside this was still a great musical. I loved Barbara Streisand in this movie, how that woman can talk a million words a minute is beyond me. I also loved the rest of the cast, when you hear Michael Crawford singing remember he was a Phantom of the Opera. The singing was also fabulous, which did not surprise me it is Streisand. If you find this movie on TV I highly recommend you watch it.

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Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok

Truth be told I did not expect to laugh as much as I did in this movie, and yet it was one of the funniest superhero movies I’ve seen (genuinely funny not bad funny.) Besides laughing it does have a great story that will continue at least to the next Avengers film. I’m going to try and avoid spoilers, but just in case here is a warning.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) had been searching for the Infinity stones since the last time the audience saw him, Age of Ultron two years ago. However he returns to Asgard after learning his father Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins is no longer there (if you may recall in Thor: Dark World his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is posing as Odin) and Ragnarok is coming, the end of Asgard. Thor as well learns of another threat to Asgard, Hela (Cate Blanchett) who let’s just say has a long history with Odin. Thor and Loki try to battle Hela, but they end up cast out into another world and Thor’s might hammer is destroyed by Hela. On this new world, run by the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum) Loki quickly makes friends with him while Thor is forced into battle with his longtime friend The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo.) Determined to get back and stop Hela, Thor teams with Loki, Hulk, Heimdall (Idris Elba) and Scraper 142, a former Valkyrior (Tessa Thompson) to get off this world and back to Asgard. About as far as i can go without spoiling as this is still in theaters.

As I have stated before this is very funny and action packed film. I will admit some of the comedy bits had me saying “Ok we get it bigger issues going on right now come on.” Other than that I really enjoyed this film. I am glad we had a more light-hearted tone in this compared to the other Thor films, oh almost forgot they do have a cameo by Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) which if you saw that film at the end will explain the end scene as well as a few other actors you may recognize. For those curious as to how they will explain Natalie Portman’s Jane not being in it it does for about a minute. I loved everything about this film, cannot wait to see more of Tessa Thompson actually I enjoyed her a lot, and I hope if you like superheros you will see this movie

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Movie Review: Justice League

Me being a HUGE fan of this universe I had to see this movie. It was not exactly how I envisioned it but I am not slamming it as much as the critics. I am going to try and be spoiler free but just in case here is a WARNING!

The world is still morning the loss of Superman (Henry Cavil), none more so than his mother Martha (Diane Lane) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams.) Meanwhile Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) attempt to recruit fellow heroes Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) aka Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash respectively. Bruce and Diana believe something is coming to Earth, and it is going to require all of them to stop this threat. Sadly I cannot go any more without spoiling the film so the only thing I am going to say is STAY UNTIL THE VERY END!!!!

Now I understand why critics have been giving this a hard blow, there were a few issues I had as well. For starters the editing could have been better; it seemed like things were going by too fast (one minute it’s day the next it’s night you know what I mean.) There were some things I thought happened too soon, like honestly could have waited until 3/4 of the film, but that’s just me. Individually I thought the acting was good or great. Gadot is perfect as Diana. Affleck is not the best as Bruce but he is not the worst. Miller I thought did a good job as Allen, let me put it this way Barry is still learning to be an adult so if you watch the TV series it is nothing like how Grant Gustin is, but that is OK because this is a different universe. Fisher is great as Cyborg, again still learning. As for Momoa, well first off I am not blind. That out of the way I really liked how he portrays Curry in the beginning and then as he joins the fight, if you watched him on Game of Thrones the roles are almost similar so I’m told. Because Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash are getting their own movies I’m curious to see where their characters are going to go, maybe get a snip or origin in there for those unfamiliar with their stories. They do hint at it in the film but it’s not enough. Other characters, such as Lois, Alfred, Martha, and the villain are also good in the film. P.S. I think J.K Simmons is FABULOUS as James Gordon and I cannot wait to see more.

If I were to rank it with other DC films, at least in this universe, it is definitely better than Suicide Squad, but not as good as Wonder Woman. If you are a fan of superheros than I would recommend watching this movie, if not in theaters than when it airs on TV.


Movie Review: The Perfect Man

Thankfully this isn’t one of those creepy stalker movies, not even close. Released in 2005 this is features one of my favorite actresses of all time and has a great message for mothers and daughters. Spoilers ahead.

Holly (Hilary Duff) has had enough of moving. Her mother Jean (Heather Locklear) a talented baker is constantly on the search for a man and when the relationship doesn’t work out Jean forces Holly and her spelling lover sister Zoe (Aria Wallace) to move. This time they move to Brooklyn, New York and Holly decides enough is enough. Along with her new friends Amy (Vanessa Lengies) and Adam (Ben Feldman), Holly sends love notes and more to her mom under the name Ben, using Amy’s uncle, restaurant owner the man who seems to know a lot about women, Ben (Chris Noth.) As the scheme continues to go, Holly and Adam become closer and Jean begins to realize just how much she has put on her daughters. About as far as I can go, but I’m sure it is not hard to figure out.

While this is not the best movie I have ever seen it is good for one of those mother daughter nights, or tween movie nights. I’ve loved Hilary Duff since her TV days and while this is not my favorite movie of hers this is still pretty good. Heather Locklear is also very good in this film as is Chris Noth, a guy whose best known works usually have him knowing a lot about women. The rest of the cast is great as well. Not a film I’d put on the high recommended list, but if you come across is on TV it is worth a watch. And just a reminder, there is perfect out there it’s just gonna take time.


Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

I guarantee you ask anyone what are the most adapted to screen fairy tales you will get two answers: Cinderella and Snow White. I have done two versions of Cinderella so I want to do a version of Snow White. If you may remember a few years ago two versions of this fairy tale came out the same year, and almost around the same time. One version was dark while another was funny. Both films received mixed reviews, but I personally preferred the funny one rather than the dark one, hence why I’m reviewing it today. Spoilers ahead as usual.

Snow White’s father, the king, has been missing presumed dead for nearly 10 years after going into the woods. Her stepmother Queen Clementianna (Julia Roberts) cruelly rules in his absence. She is heavy in debt and still taxes the people, claiming to be protecting them from a beast that lives in the forest. On her 18th birthday Snow (Lily Collins) sneaks out of the palace to see what the village is like. She meets Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer) who has just been robbed by the dwarfs and both are smitten with each other. Snow is quick to realize how cruel the Queen is to her father’s people and decides to ask the prince for help. However the Queen catches on to her scheme, as she has a plan to marry the prince and get out of debt, and orders her manservant Brighton (Nathan Lane) to feed Snow to the beast. Brighton lets Snow go and she finds herself with the same dwarfs that robbed the prince. Their names, Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Half Pint, Grub and Chuck (Danny Woodburn, Martin Klebba, Sebastian Saraceno, Jordan Prentice, Mark Povinelli, Joe Gnoffo and Ronald Lee Clark.) Snow teaches them how to think of someone other than themselves and they teach her how to fight. The Queen, using her magic mirror, uses a love potion on the Prince (who I’ll be honest I am not a huge fan of 75% of the film), but Snow and the dwarfs are quick to defeat her schemes and the Queen, per the warning of the mirror, pays the price for her magic. I know I basically gave it away, but come on every version of Snow White ends the same.

I did fin it somewhat strange that Julie Roberts plays a villain as she is mostly a good character in her filmography, although she was great as a murderer on Law & Order. Nonetheless Roberts is a great actress and she did really well in the film. Lily Collins is not the best actress in her field, but I thought she performed well in the film, at least better than Kristen Stewart. As I stated above I was not a fan of the Prince in the film a majority because he is somewhat rude to the dwarfs, and Snow after she helps them, but thankfully he comes around and redeems himself, at least in my eyes, in the end. If you like fairy tale films than this is a good, not great, film to watch.

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Movie Review: Safe Haven

Let me just be clear, I am not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks books or films. My mother will tell me (every. single. time.) how these are not realistic romances. Yeah I think everyone who has read the books or saw the films knows that but they do not care. However I have watched a majority of these films and well it’s time to rip off that band-aid. I will get to the bigger ones eventually, but I decided to start with Safe Haven as it was my first Nicholas Sparks film I watched in full. I am going to try and remain spoiler free as much as possible, but this is a warning just in case.

A young woman (Julianne Hough) is seen running away from a police officer (David Lyons) who seems desperate to find her. She gets on a bus and heads to a small town; Southport, North Carolina. Introducing herself as Katie, she gets a job as a waitress and moves into an old secluded home. Katie starts to make some friends, including her neighbor Jo (Cobie Smulders), Alex (Josh Duhamel) and his children Josh and Lexi (Noah Lomex and Mimi Kirkland). Alex takes an interest in Katie and gives her a bike to help her get around town; Katie eventually accepts the bike after being hostile at first. It is not long before Alex and Katie fall in love, Lexi is thrilled while Josh takes a while, but the relationship is put to the test when Officer Kevin Tierney’s desperate search for Katie takes another level. Cannot give the rest away.

It is not the most well known, reviewed, or maybe even liked Nicholas Sparks films, but when I first saw it I liked it. I am a huge fan of Julianne Hough from her Dancing With The Stars days and it was nice to see her in a non-musical form. Josh Duhamel is not the best in his field, but I thought he did a good job, truth be told I thought he was more convincing than Hough. The story is pretty easy to figure out even if you haven’t read the book, however it is still enjoyable enough for fans to watch. I would not put this on a highly recommend list, but if you like romance films than if you find it on TV it just might be worth it.