The Difficulties of Writing A Blog, But Also While Looking For a Job

Most people having a blog means saying whatever you want regardless of consequences, those same people probably post not so nice comments on the Internet. Right answer: no! There will always be consequences. If you are looking for a job and they are considering you for this position they will look you up on LinkedIn, Facebook; EVERYTHING! So that post you made ranting about let’s say this year’s politics will NOT look good to an employer. Regardless of their own political views they have to abide by the company they work for and if there is something that you know will not look good delete it as soon as you can.

Now for me, doing a blog has been difficult. There are so many topics I have thought of, lists I’ve always wanted to put out there and be judged, but before I opened up WordPress, I had a thought: What would this look like to the places I’m applying to or want to join in the future. It’s not like I’m doing something embarrassing like comparing Disney characters, but it would still look bad. I have no choice but to either disregard my blog or think of something better.

I hope this can help those out there wanting to write, but having difficulty deciding when is the appropriate time to write.


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