R.I.P Seal

Hey guys not a classic movie review, but I’ve had a pretty bad week. As you guys may recall in my first blog I talked about my family story, more specifically my pets dog Monty, whom we lost in 2014 and Seal my brother Nick’s perfect cat. Well Monday Seal wasn’t moving around too much, getting up every now and then but barely reacting to me and my mother. So after my brother came home from school we went to. I tried to remain calm, thinking this is probably just a bug, but at the same time I knew he was 15 years old, for a cat that is very old. Before I knew it tears were coming out, yep that did not help my brother.

When we got to the vet Seal’s body temp was pretty low, but the vet wanted to run a few tests before we move forward with anything, so we did get to keep him for a night. Next morning I’m getting ready to go to the gym before work, when my mom called me downstairs. Seal’s breathing was very rapid, imagine after a run. My mom wanted to wait still for the results, but we both started crying knowing it wasn’t gonna be good. Nick decided to stay home from school because he didn’t want to leave Seal. I however couldn’t, my job is part-time I cannot afford to take a day off, I decided to skip the gym and go straight to work so I could leave early. Before I left I said my goodbye to Seal just in case.

I am allowed to have my phone out at my job and every minute I wasn’t hearing anything was killing me. My co-workers tried reassuring me, but tears kept falling at the worst time. Finally my mom texted and said Seal’s liver and kidneys were bad, he wasn’t in any pain thank God, but there wasn’t any medication for him, and even if there was we risk being back there next week. I told my mom I understood and if she and Nick had to make a decision it was OK. I also told her if the decision was made to call me after, no text. About an hour later I got the call.

I left work as soon as my work was done. My dad came home early to be with us as well and we had family friends bring us baked goods. I comforted Nick before he went to bed, telling him he did the right thing and we would never forget Seal. We all remembered the good times we had with Seal, I will never ever forget what Seal did to our family making our lives so much better. I will miss the small things about the black beauty in our life. GOd bless you Seal.


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