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Movie Review: Thunderball

Again I am probably the only person who likes this film putting it pretty high in my top 10 if you may recall, but nonetheless I really love this film. Once again warning spoilers ahead. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

After killing another SPECTRE agent Bond recuperates at a sanatorium for his health (and manages to bed his physiotherapist) By coincidence (yeah right) SPECTRE is planning at that resort under the orders of the eye-patch wearing Number 2 Emile Largo (Adolfo Celi) The plan is to steal two atomic bombs and hold NATO for 100 million pounds unless they will detonate them at a major city. Bond quickly catches on when he is almost killed by SPECTRE operative Count Lippe and finds the dead body of Francois Derval, and Derval was the one piloting the plane the bombs were on (a greedy operative whose face was surgically altered to look like Derval and soon paid for it.) Bond is assigned to make contact with Largo which he does through Derval’s sister and Largo’s mistress Domino (Claudine Auger.) Aided by Felix Leiter (portrayed in this film Rik Van Nutter) Q, and a CIA Agent Paula Caplan (Martine Beswick), Bond has to find the bombs before SPECTRE uses them, which is hard after a number of henchman get in his way including the fiery Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi).

Before I go into my views of the film I would like to remind you that my views of Domino will be later on so I’m going to focus on the major villain standouts: Largo and Volpe. If I have to be honest Largo is not a standout villain in the franchise despite him being Number 2 of SPECTRE. Him and Bond play a cat and mouse game throughout the film. Despite him saying he was doing it for SPECTRE it seems Largo was more concerned with Bond getting Domino. Largo is ruthless, but not as ruthless as other villains so he is easily forgetful. If any villain does stand out in this film it is Fiona Volpe. A fiery redhead she is very bad woman, even after she and Bond sleep together. Most women who sleep with Bond have something happen to them, but not Volpe; she is too nasty. There was apparently some speculation in her final scene whether Bond used her as a human shield when Bond turns as she is shot by her own henchman (puny line by Bond shortly after), but let’s face it she was evil so I don’t care.

Now onto why I love this film. First off the opening with the jet-pack is probably the best opening for a Sean Connery Bond film ever. Second keep in mind the film was made 1965, and a good portion of this film was filmed underwater. I found that to be absolutely amazing when I first watch the film, as does my mom. Lastly my favorite part is at the end of the film with the underwater battle between the good guys and bad guys, watching them swim and killing each other is kinda awesome. Most people find it boring, but I love that scene. I’ll admit the story is not great, but for the camerawork this film is one of my favorites. I know people probably prefer the Never Say Never Again version of this film, but I’d rather go with the original than the remake.

Overall I love this film and it is defiantly worth a watch. Coming soon a film that definitely stirred up controversy You Only Live Twice


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