Movie Review: Clockstoppers

Haven’t heard of this film, don’t worry not too many have. This was a film I watched when I was younger and when I re-watched it I realized just how cheesy this was. Still this film holds a small piece of my childhood. As always spoilers will be ahead. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

A branch of the NSA known as Quantum Tech (QT) has developed a technology called Hypertime allowing whomever uses it (disguised as a watch) to speed up their molecules to a point where the world stands still (basically the user it going extremely fast.) This tech plans to be used by the QT leader Henry Gates (Michael Biehn) to control the world. His head scientist Earl Doppler (French Stewart) a man whose body has aged in Hypertime sent a prototype watch to his colleague Dr. George Gibbs (Robin Thomas) however the watch falls to the hands of Gibbs’s teenage son Zak (Jesse Bradford.) Zak uses the watch for fun with his friends and the girl he has a crush on Francesca (Paula Garces.) Gates is willing to do whatever it takes to get the watch back as he kidnaps Dr. Gibbs. Despite the strained relationship he has with his father, Zak along with Francesca and a reluctant Doppler team up to save Dr. Gibbs and essentially the world.

As I stated at the top this film is very cheesy and I would not put this on a recommendation list. Would I say this is a bad film; maybe but I know I have seen worse. The acting is not fantastic or great, and the story is not very realistic. That being said it does have a few funny moments, maybe the expression I have used before so bad it is good may apply here, but I would not stake anything on that. If you are curious about the film go ahead, but unless you absolutely love it I’d say one and done.


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