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Movie Review: A View to a Kill

The last one in the Roger Moore Bonds and well it wasn’t exactly his best work. This is not one of the best reviewed or even liked Bond films for a majority of reasons, however it does have one of the best villain and henchman in the entire Bond franchises. This was also the first Bond to have a disclaimer ahead of the film because Zorrin is actually a corporation in the U.S. Spoilers ahead as always. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

Bond recovers a microchip the Soviet Union wants back. Q (Desmond Llewelyn) analyzes it and discovers it can withstand an electromagnetic pulse and was created by Zorrin Industries. While at the horse track M and Bond observe the head of the company Max Zorrin (Christopher Walken) and his bodyguard, and lover, May Day (Grace Jones) as their horse wins. Bond along with fellow MI6 agent Sir Godfrey Tibbett (Patrick Macnee) attend a horse sale at Zorrin’s estate, but are soon caught and dealt with, at least so Zorrin and May Day think and much to the displeasure of General Gogol, yep he’s back. Zorrin, who is revealed to be the result of an experiment gone wrong (no kidding), reveals his plan to basically get rid of his competition by destroying Silicon Valley, killing not only his rivals but millions of others, to which he seems gleeful about it. He has May Day and Dr. Carl Mortner (Willoughby Gray) as help. Bond, along with a woman Zorrin tries to buy off Stacey Sutton (Tanya Roberts), stop him.

For his last time as 007 Roger Moore in my opinion did not do his best. He was basically done with the franchise after this for a number of reasons: he was getting too old, he and Grace Jones were not getting along on set and to top it off Tanya Roberts’s mother was younger than him (YOW.) Bond also sleeps with more woman than usual in this film, four to be accurate. My thoughts on Stacey will be later so I will move on to other characters. This was not only the last time Roger Moore would be Bond, but it was also a farewell to Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny and she has yet to be topped as the best version of this character (I highly doubt anyone will come close.)

As I stated before the villains of this film are more well-known than the film itself. Walken is absolutely crazy as Zorrin; there is no reasoning with this guy. Let me put it this way besides the fact that he brushes off the destruction of Silicon Valley killing hundreds of millions of people when his workers are done he long with one of his most loyal henchmen flood the mine and anyone who doesn’t drown is shot AND HE LAUGHS ABOUT IT! He is also one of the few villains I can think of in film history to laugh at his own death! Jones is fantastic as May Day, despite the drama between her and Moore. She is loyal to Zorrin out of love, until she realizes he left her for dead. She aids Bond just to get back at Zorrin and sacrifices herself in order to stick it to him. The story itself is not too well written and acting could have been better in a few places, but overall this film is not too terrible. Still I would not put this high on a recommendation list.


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