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Movie Review: Easy A

While this was most definitely not her first role, I think the world got to just how good Emma Stone is in what many considered to be her breakout role as a leading lady; she was also nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. Released in 2010, Easy A showed just why a little white lie can turn into a big, huge mess, and partially inspired by the book I’m sure we all had to read in high school The Scarlet Letter. I would even call this a must see for high school students and young adults. If you haven’t seen this movie, a spoiler alert is issued. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

Not wanting to spend time with her best friend’s Rhiannon (Aly Michalka) hippie parents, Olive (Emma Stone) says she has a date for the weekend, in actuality she sings along to the greeting card she got from her grandmother. Come Monday pressured by Rhiannon Olive says she lost her virginity, which is overheard by Marianne Bryant (Amanda Bynes) a prissy Christian student who spreads the rumor. Of course this isn’t true which Olive confides in her friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) who is bullied because he is gay. Brandon convinces Olive to say she had sex with him, which she agrees to. Now with reputation as the school tramp, Olive decides to embrace it, putting an A on her clothes inspired by The Scarlet Letter. Boys who do not have a chance with girls ask Olive to say she slept with them and gets gift cards in return. Rhiannon is outraged and ends her friendship with Olive, joining Marianne’s religious group trying to force Olive out of the school. It gets worse when Marianne’s boyfriend Micah (Cam Gigandet) gets chlamydia and blames Olive, when it was actually the married guidance counselor Mrs. Griffith (Lisa Kudrow) the wife of Olive’s favorite teacher Mr. Griffith (Thomas Haden Church). The only people who believe Olive are her parents Rosemary and Dill (Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci) as well as her crush Todd (Penn Badgley) but soon Olive must decide whether her fake reputation is worth all the trouble. About as far as I can go without spoiling the rest of the movie.

While I definitely think no high school is like this one, this film is still amazing; showing how one small little lie can turn into a disaster. While she had been in other movies Emma Stone shined very bright in this film and for me at least showed that she was more than capable of being a lead role. She has not slowed down since, but those movies are for another time. Amanda Bynes was one of my favorite actresses when I was younger and was both happy and impressed with her character in this movie; it is not often she is the villain. I don’t think she’s acted in anything since then, but I wish her the best in whatever she is doing. Penn Badgley is great as is the rest of the cast. The writing and cinematography are my favorite parts of the movie, but I cannot forget the musical number at the end of the film showcasing Stone’s abilities, which is why before the nominations came in I knew she would be great in La La Land. I would highly recommend this film for high school students and young adults as I think they may find the material relatable, no not the tramp stuff but keeping a reputation in high school. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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