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Movie Review: Batman: Under The Red Hood

One of the best not just Batman animated movies, but I have seen this one some of the best Batman movies of all time. This is also one of my favorite Batman movies as well, I would say my brother’s as well, but he loves all Batman everything so that would be moot. Under The Red Hood, based on the popular comic, was in my opinion not only well adapted, but was a huge critics hit. In case you haven’t seen it spoiler alert, only because I actually can’t avoid it. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

Ra’s Al Ghul (Jason Isaacs) soon regrets hiring the Joker (John DiMaggio) in his scheme after he kidnaps and tortures the second Robin, Jason Todd. Before Batman (Bruce Greenwood) can arrive the Joker sets off a bomb in the shed and kills Jason (if you know the comic that famous shot appears). Five years later Batman along with the first Robin, known as Nightwing (Neil Patrick Harris) fight crime in Gotham, and as always there is a crises. This time a criminal under the guise of Red Hood (Jensen Ackles yeah the guy from Supernatural) takes over the drug trade of Gotham; and for those wondering how let’s just say heads rolled. Batman stops one shipment of the Amazo droid which was supposed to go to the gangster Black Mask (Wade Williams) who seems to be the top target for the Red Hood. Through a series of flashbacks and evidence Batman soon discovers the Red Hood is someone from his past and it may not be easy to beat him.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out who the Red Hood is. Aside from the obvious the film is excellent. The action is perfect, voice casting is spot on and the writing is fantastic. I will admit hearing the voice of Neil Patrick Harris come out of Nightwing is somewhat weird for me, but I will say Jensen Ackles is so good as the Red Hood; honestly he is the best part of the movie and how he came to be. If you haven’t seen Under The Red Hood it is worth a watch.


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