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Movie Review: The Prince & Me

One of my favorite romantic comedy movies when I was younger. Released in 2004, it was around this time when I was not only getting into pop culture, but I also began to like one of my favorite couples today: Prince William and Kate Middleton. Both stories were like the fairy tales come to life; however today I am not talking about the real life fairy tale just the one on screen. In case you haven’t seen it, spoiler alert. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) cannot wait to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, become a doctor and travel to all the places she wants to go. Meanwhile Denmark’s Crown Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) loves the life of a playboy and avoiding any responsibility. After watching a commercial of college girls in Wisconsin partying Edvard tells his parents, King Haraald and Queen Rosalind (James Fox and Miranda Richardson) his intentions on going to college in Wisconsin. The Queen only agrees in Edvard goes with Soren (Ben Miller), the majordomo (essentially the person who plans everything). Edvard tells Soren to address him as Eddie in order to actually live a normal life. Paige meets Eddie in a bar and well they don’t exactly hit it off. Forced to work together in class and at jobs Paige and Eddie soon become close; she even invites him back home for Thanksgiving where they finally give in to their feelings. However the paparazzi have caught up with Eddie and his identity is revealed. Paige breaks up with him, but by the time she realizes she loves him Eddie has left because his father is ill. She follows Eddie to Denmark where, after permission from his father, Eddie proposes to Paige. However Paige must know decide whether her own ambitions must be sacrificed in order to follow the traditions a queen must do. Ok yes I basically gave away the movie, but if you see the trailer it does the job.

As a kid I really liked the movie, and while I still do today it is not as high. Julia Stiles has always been an actress I’ve admired and while I would not say this is her best role it is pretty good. Luke Mably is very handsome and I thought really filled the part of prince nicely. The rest of the cast is decent enough and the writing is actually not bad. The film did have three sequels (yeah I did not know about them either prior to watching) but unless you like cast changes and direct to DVD movies I’d take a hard pass. Otherwise The Prince & Me is a good rom-com for girl’s night or romantic evening.


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