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TV Show Review: Melissa & Joey

While I won’t go so far as to say it is the funniest show I’ve ever seen, this ABC Family/FreeForm show was pretty hilarious when I started watching. Premiering in 2010 and lasting for four seasons, Melissa & Joey continued the chemistry between Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence from their TV movie (that may come up later on my blog) and with different characters had a crazy and fun ride. Spoiler alert as always. I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE.

Mel Burke (Melissa Joan Hart), the daughter of a senator and former party girl, is a city councilwoman in Toledo, Ohio. After her brother in law runs a Ponzi scheme and flees leaving his wife to take the blame, Mel becomes the guardian of her teenaged niece Lennox (Taylor Spreitler) who is very free-spirited, and nephew Ryder (Nick Robinson) who is sweet but is not very bright as the series progresses. Joe (Joey Lawrence) used to work for Mel’s brother in-law as an executive and commodities trader and loses his job and money when the Ponzi scheme, which he didn’t know about, falls apart. As he needs the job and sees that Mel needs help, after confronting her a few times in the pilot asking about her brother in law, agrees to become the live-in nanny, or manny, to Lennox and Ryder. He often gives advice to not just them but to Mel as well. Throughout the four seasons Mel and Joe help each other out when it comes to careers or relationships, although it is obvious through their constant bickering (and trust me there is A LOT) that there is something more between the two of them. I probably shouldn’t go into anymore, but I’m sure it is not very hard to figure out.

I enjoyed Melissa and Joey when it was on the air. It was well written, funny, I liked the characters and it was just all around fun. Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence had great chemistry together; they really know how to banter (and yes there are many references to their past characters). Taylor Spreitler is fantastic as Lennox as she continues to be very free-spirited, not afraid to speak her mind and her relationships with boys (needless to say Joe turns into overprotective dad mood real quick). Nick Robinson is adorable as Ryder; I know many had not heard of him prior to his role in Love, Simon, but he was great as well in this show. I know this show was on Netflix streaming, probably not now, but it might be on FreeForm app or Hulu. This show is cute, funny and overall a great watch.


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