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Job Seekers advice from Someone STILL Looking

Looking for a job? Need as much help as you can? Parents and friends are always there, and there are many job sites to place your resume. That was has been like for me the past six months since I graduated college. I have been looking at writing and journalism jobs through Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster and many other job boards websites. Good idea of course, but sometimes you get responses from businesses you don’t want.

I do not know if they looked at my resume or noticed how young I am but I have gotten emails from insurance agencies asking me for an interview. Needing the experience of talking to employers I went, and I was disappointed. If you go in expecting a one on one interview it did not happen with me. I was in a room with at least five other people hearing the recruiter talk about how great our insurance company is and how much you would make. After two interviews like those I refused to look at the emails from insurance companies asking for jobs again.

My second bad experience actually came from applying to jobs. When looking for jobs always look at the company before hitting apply now. I have gotten emails and phone calls from staffing agencies, either from them seeing my resume on a job site or applying for the job I wanted, asking me to either meet with them almost immediately or within the week for ANOTHER job I was not interested in. If able I did meet with them, but I was appalled. Not only did they not want me for a writing job but a secretary job instead they needed to see my birth certificate, social security number and/bank account before I even talked to the boss. I refused, not wanting to give personal information to people I had not meet not knowing what they would do with them. If the job is at a staffing agency I do not apply.

I should say that I do have a job, had the same job for years, but I want to do a job in the field I gradated with. So if you are still reading please allow me to give some advice.

  1. Do not just apply for any job, look for jobs you want and the ones that your resume will prove you are the best candidate for the job.
  2. If approached from jobs you did not apply for, you can say no.
  3. Having experience is always great, but keep having experience regardless of the job. If you are still at the same job since high school/college keep it as long as you can do the work. My latest part-time job liked me not just for my journalism background but because I still had a job.
  4. Unless you want to, do not let insurance and/or staffing agencies try and influence you into taking a job there. It may not be the job or company you want to to work for.
  5. Never reach the point of “I’m desperate for ANY job!” It does not look great for companies looking at you and you may regret the job taken.
  6. If job board sites are not working, try emailing directly to the companies you want to work for. There is always a way to get in touch.
  7. Never stop looking, always apply for jobs or contact those in charge every day.
  8. If given the chance use a cover letter and examples of your work. It may influence the HR department to recommend you.
  9. If an interview is scheduled, always dress professional unless other wise instructed. Men wear suites, ties and nice shoes. Women: dress, one color shirt, maybe a matching or dark undershirt if needed, work pants not khackies, high heels or flat shoes and finally a jacket or shawl.
  10. Besides dressing, always bring your resume and examples of work with you to an interview.
  11. If after applying, and interviews you get a no do not despair. Pick yourself up and keep looking.
  12. If during or after the interview you are unsure to take the job, ask if you can think about your decision. They will more than likely say yes. If they need an answer right away it may not be the job for you.
  13. When thinking about your decision to take the job ask the people you trust 100% if this is a great job. If you get paperwork have them look at it before putting your name on.
  14. After the interview, even if you are not going to take the job, send a thank you email. Show appreciation.
  15. If you are not going to take the job please let the employer know the day after the interview, show that you have thought about it.

I hope this helps people look for jobs and give them a small piece of mind.